Town Centre Development

Supporting town centres to develop their vision for the future

Town Centre Development

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils’ Economy and Regeneration team are leading work in supporting town centres to develop for the future.

We work with our partners on the ‘Vision and Invest’ programme across our five key towns to drive future growth, sustainability, and quality of life. This vision programme is facilitated by the District Councils, working with local partners and stakeholders including businesses, community groups and the Town Councils. We do this by:

  • showcasing a sense of place and what makes each town unique
  • setting out the town’s long-term ambitions and priorities
  • giving clear messages as to why people should want to live, work and visit
  • giving clear messages as to why businesses should continue to invest in the towns
  • providing a framework for local partners to work together, joining up plans and projects, and engaging communities and business
  • supporting planned and new partnership projects that will deliver the shared ambitions

Town Partnership Groups have been set up to develop this approach in each of our 5 key towns. Links to specific information on each of the town visions, and their activities are available from the navigation panel.

Vision and Invest In logos for Stowmarket, Sudbury, Needham Market, Hadleigh, and Eye