Invest in Eye

Reflecting the people of the town and their ambitions

Invest in Eye

This investment programme sets out a long-term goal that all future actions and projects will work towards. It involves all levels of local authority, town businesses, organisations, and stakeholders. The programme will help towns like Eye to achieve their community’s ambitions and forms a unified aim for each town.

Previous consultation took place across the town with the community, businesses, and wider stakeholders. The consultation provided a potential vision for the town, with key priorities and ambitions for future growth and development. This includes:

  • creating action plans
  • developing an identity and ‘unique selling point’ to promote the town
  • stimulating civic pride and promoting investment

See the original Plan on a Page for the Vision of Eye based on previous consultation: Eye Invest Vision consultation 2019 POAP

The intention is to continuously engage with communities and stakeholders to ensure that the Vision truly reflects the people of the town and their ambitions as we move forward with key projects and schemes.

  • Current projects being delivered or in development as part of the Eye Vision include:
  • Cross Street Innovation Hub
  • Virtual High Street
  • Eye Castle events
  • Eye Cultural Offer
  • Eye Airfield
  • A140 improvements
  • Sustainable Travel
  • EV charging ports

Invest in Eye