What’s Next for Sudbury

An event to collaboratively enhance Sudbury as a great place to live, work, and visit

In June 2022 the Sudbury Vision group showcased a range of projects under the Sudbury Vision Programme.

The three-day event named ‘What’s Next for Sudbury?’ was open to all residents, business owners and visitors to Sudbury. It provided an opportunity to find out about the large range of projects and pilots being developed and worked on collaboratively to enhance Sudbury as a great place to live, work, and visit.

The event was attended by 442 people, and great discussions were had with the opportunity to meet project leads and feedback. Consultation from the event will inform a review of the Sudbury Vision. This will look at how partnership groups can promote positive projects and work more collaboratively.  This will promote the shared aims and Vision message even wider.

Projects showcased at the event include:

  • Sudbury Vision
  • Hamilton Road Quarter
  • Re-imagining Market Hill
  • Belle Vue Park Café
  • Gainsborough’s House Redevelopment
  • Creative Wayfinding
  • Innovation Hub
  • Solar car port – Kingfisher Leisure Centre
  • St Peter’s Redevelopment
  • Sudbury Culture Group
  • Virtual High Street

The event was coordinated by partners involved in the Sudbury Vision group which aims to work collaboratively on projects that contribute the economic growth and development of the town.

A feedback survey was open during the event and for 8 weeks after to gather community views on the Sudbury projects and Vision work. A copy of the feedback summary is available here: What’s next for Sudbury survey results 2022 main report