Sustainability Bridge

Sustainability Bridge

Transport and micro mobility – unlocking innovation

Sustainability Bridge, powered by Barclays Eagle Labs and funded by UK Government

To help support a transition to low carbon transport, Barclays Eagle Labs and Codebase are launching a new Bridge programme. The Sustainability Bridge will focus on transport and micromobility, such as bikes, e-bikes and electric scooters.

The programme connects corporations and startups to learn from each other, over seven workshops.


Applications open

12 March, 2024

Applications close

26 April, 2024

Programme launch

02 July, 2024

Why join?

Domestic transport is one of the largest contributors to the UK’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and was responsible for 28% of GHG emissions in 2022¹. Moving towards less carbon intensive transport systems can help to support the transition to Net Zero.

We are inviting applications from established businesses and startups who want to:

  • Help progress the transition to Net Zero
  • Unlock innovation to help support low-carbon transport systems
  • Help to promote and grow micromobility.


How is the programme delivered?

The programme workshops are delivered virtually and bring together senior leaders from established companies and startup founders.

Each of the seven modules is delivered by experts and covers strategic approaches and innovation best practice. You’ll learn about:

  • The partnership journey
  • Developing and landing a proof of concept
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Lived industry experience.


Who’s it for?

We’re looking for applications from established businesses and innovative startups.



Learn from established companies and get support

The programme is for UK-based digital tech startups who are developing solutions to help support the move towards low carbon transport.

You can connect with other companies to share domain expertise and industry knowledge. Their experience can help support you in refining your solutions to meet customer needs and understanding the challenges faced by the sector.

The cohort will discuss the opportunities for innovation and how innovation playbooks can support unlocking opportunities.

Apply as Startup

Established businesses:

Connect with startups and learn from them

The programme is for large businesses (>250 headcount) who have, or are developing, expertise in and micromobility.

You’ll learn from startup playbooks that aim to deliver low cost, low risk and easy to execute processes to help support you in creating innovation projects, digitising your business and maximising productivity.

The programme has been created for business leaders working in transport who are interested in learning about sustainability focused innovation.

The roles of previous participants from established businesses have included: Director Operations and Maintenance, Director/VP Emerging Technologies & Innovation, Technology Scout, Data and Analytics Manager, Global Chief Digital Officer, Director of Technology and Transformation, Head of Strategy, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Innovation Officer.

Apply as Established Business