Supply Chain and Awareness workshop

Supply Chain and Awareness workshop

A free in-person workshop for manufacturers to help your company get started with low-cost digital technologies.

Date and time


Thu, 21 Mar 2024 09:30 – 12:30 GMT



Institute for Manufacturing

17 Charles Babbage Road Cambridge CB3 0FS

Join your manufacturing peers for a free in-person workshop to discover how low-cost digital solutions could address your most pressing business needs, and help identify which solutions would help you most to share data with customers in your supply chain.

The workshop builds on extensive research conducted by the University of Cambridge with hundreds of small and medium sized companies.

What are the benefits?

The workshop aims to help you identify:

  • Low-cost technologies that address your top business needs
  • Challenges your business faces and available low-cost solutions which can help address these
  • How digital solutions could help improve trust and collaboration with suppliers and customers
  • How to get involved in existing local initiatives and funding available to develop digital skills in manufacturing

The workshop will also offer a chance to try out existing digital solutions, see them in use in the Institute for Manufacturing’s demonstration environment, and network with other local manufacturers.

Who should attend?

The workshop will be of interest to senior leaders and individuals with responsibility for supply-chain management, production operations, sustainability, logistics and customer service. We encourage you to attend with a colleague to help you get the most out of the interactive element of the workshop, although this is not necessary as participants find discussions with peers during the sessions also very helpful.

The workshop really helped us pinpoint ways we could work smarter, brilliant that we can sign up to build our own solution using low-cost tech and that I don’t need to ask anyone from our IT to help.” Shoestring Workshop participant, 2023

This workshop is organised by the research project Made Smarter Connected Factories.

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