New business guidance to boost skills and unlock benefits of AI

New business guidance to boost skills and unlock benefits of AI

New draft government guidance will support businesses to upskill their workers with the tools they need for jobs alongside AI

Businesses throughout the UK will be supported to unleash the enormous potential of AI across their workforce as the UK government publishes new guidance to make sure employees have the skills they need.

The guidance, published Thursday 30 November, is intended to help employers boost their employees’ understanding of AI so they can use it safely in their day-to-day role, by setting out the key knowledge, skills and behaviours they should have in order to reap the benefits of AI safely – including how to use artificial intelligence tools effectively such as Large Language Models and the safe and secure management of sensitive data.

  • Businesses to be helped to upskill employees so they can use AI to carry out tasks in the workplace, boosting productivity
  • Draft guidance sets out areas of focus for employers, workers, and training providers, including data protection
  • Announcement comes as the UK government calls on the business community and experts to help shape final guidance

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