Manufacturing Automation Course

Manufacturing Automation Course

NAAME maintains a network of Manufacturing Groups covering all of Norfolk and Suffolk. NAAME and the Institute of Marketing are offering members an 8 week course. The manufacturing automation course is designed to support your business to adopt a low cost automation solution.

The early adopter package enables companies to build and deploy a simple, low-cost digital solution in their factory so that they can see how digitalisation benefits their business, building in-house digital skills along the way. 
  • 6-8 programme
  • Access technical experts
  • Weekly peer-to-learning with 3-5 businesses per cohort
  • Access a community forum
  • Access the online training portal

Low cost digital solutions include:

  • Job location tracking
  • Power monitoring
  • scrap monitoring
  • Downtime monitoring

First cohort to start pre-Christmas. Register your interest here ASAP

Learn more about NAAME here.