EnergyTech Bridge

EnergyTech Bridge

Unlocking innovation to help support the transition to green energy

Opportunity North East (ONE) working in collaboration with Codebase and Barclays Eagle Labs are launching a new programme focused on the transition to green energy.


Applications open

4 March 2024

Applications close

26 April 2024

Programme kick off

19 June 2024

The programme is delivered across a series of seven modules between Junes 2024 and January 2025.


Accelerating the energy transition will potentially play an important role in society’s achievement of net zero and is likely to be underpinned by radical change and disruptive innovation.

The shift from fossil fuels to green energy will likely require investment in new technologies and the skills to support these, while transitioning in a fair and just way that leaves no-one behind.

What’s the Bridge programme?

The programme brings together innovators and established businesses through a series of webinars delivered by business and industry experts. It’s designed to help established businesses consider how they innovate, and supports startups to collaborate through innovation.

Green Energy – Supporting the Transition

We’re creating a programme that will bring together a cohort of established businesses and innovators actively seeking to:

  • advance the transition to net-zero
  • unlock innovation to support a transition to green energy
  • support a just transition (i.e. an inclusive and fair journey to net zero)

Who should apply?

We’re looking for applications from established businesses and innovative startups.


UK based digital tech startups and small scaleups who are developing solutions that will support the transition to green energy or who have existing digital tech solutions supporting the oil and gas sector that they are seeking to apply to the green energy sector.

Apply as Startup

Established businesses

Large established businesses (with >250 employees) who have or are developing expertise in green energy and are actively seeking solutions to support the transition.

The programme is designed for UK companies looking to unlock digital innovation to support the transition to green energy. We are particularly interested in applications from businesses based in the North East of Scotland.

Apply as Established business

Why take part?

Established businesses: connect with startups and learn from them.

You’ll access startup playbooks that deliver low cost, low risk and easy to execute processes to support you in creating innovation projects, digitising your business and maximising productivity.

Our EnergyTech Bridge Programme has been created for business leaders working in green energy and energy transition who are making improvements and driving innovation across their companies.

The startups you connect with through the programme will help provide you the opportunity to learn about new innovation relevant for the transition to green energy.

The roles of previous participants from established businesses have included: Director Operations and Maintenance, Director/VP Emerging Technologies & Innovation, Technology Scout, Data and Analytics Manager, Global Chief Digital Officer, Director of Technology and Transformation, Head of Strategy, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Innovation Officer

Innovators: learn from established companies and get support

EnergyTech Bridge Programme brings together established companies and startups in the same place.

You can connect with key decision makers in established companies who will share domain expertise and vast industry knowledge. Their experience will support you in refining your solutions to meet customer needs and understanding the challenges faced by the sector.

The cohort will discuss the opportunities for innovation and how innovation playbooks can support unlocking opportunities.