Showcasing employment opportunities to young people

The Careeriosity team are part of Babergh and Mid Suffolk District councils’ Economic Development team where we work with businesses and employers. We live, go to work and go to school in an area that is well known for being beautiful. However, not everyone realises that it is also an area that offers amazing opportunities for work and business. From small businesses that are growing from one person’s idea, to big global players who are already leaders in their industry. From crafts to creatives, finance to food, advanced AI to robotics and literally everything in between.

Careeriosity is part of our ambition to make these choices visible in a way that you want to access them. By offering businesses the chance to show people what they do, either in our market towns or at their own premises,  we want to offer a different way of finding out more.

Mackman Group careers day
image credit: Mackman Group

Come to the sessions interest you, ask the questions that will inform you, hear from people that live here, went to school here or came here to be part of an industry or business that interested them, in an area that has so much going for it.

Our principal aims are that these sessions are accessible, relatable, of interest and importantly open to those who simply want to find out more. And that’s irrespective of whether they are in education or not, in work or not – what matters to us is that you want to know more.  You are in fact, Careerious!

We really hope to see you at our sessions, if you would like to know more please contact us at

Get involved in Careeriosity

Are you a forward-thinking business (like the ones below) looking for new ways to engage with young people about what you do?

Do you want to help a young person’s future by bringing to life different career opportunities? You can provide valuable insight about the skills they may need to be work-ready and successful in the workplace!

We’d love to hear from businesses of all shapes and sizes.  We can help you to show young people what’s possible.  We also hope you’ll get something in return – the chance to showcase your amazing business and your industry to our local young people. Inspire them to want to work for a company like yours one day. Interested? Please contact us on and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Please see the videos below of events that have been undertaken previously.