Cycling and Walking

Cycling and walking routes across the Heart of Suffolk

Cycling and walking are the best way to explore the rural landscapes and historic market towns within the Heart of Suffolk.  Enjoy your surroundings in an environmentally friendly and affordable way.  You’ll improve your physical and mental health and well-being at the same time.

Cycling & Walking Routes

two people cycling at Needham Lakes, seen from behind

There are many recommended cycling and walking routes across the Heart of Suffolk. The following list is intended as a starting point to find good information on how to access and enjoy these routes:

Each year, a collection of walking routes across the Heart of Suffolk are showcased within the Suffolk Walking Festival. The festival takes place in May,  and is one of the largest and longest running walking festivals in the country.

Walking & Cycling Safely in the heart of Suffolk

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils, are working together on plans to improve the safety of walking and cycling infrastructure across the Heart of Suffolk. Read more about this here.

When walking, you should dress appropriately for the weather, carry plenty of water, take extra care in places you’re likely to encounter motor vehicles, horse riders and cyclists, and always follow the Countryside Code

When cycling, you should wear a helmet and wear bright, visible clothing. Suffolk Road Safety offers advice and training that can help you with safe cycling.