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The Bristol Arms on the Shotley Peninsula

The Bristol Arms is situated at the bottom of Bristol Hill at Shotley Gate, on the very tip of the Shotley Peninsula. From here you can look across the River Stour towards Harwich and the bustling international port, or turn your gaze westwards and look down the river where the sunsets can be so stunningly beautiful.

The Bristol Arms started off as a ferryman's cottage which was owned by the Marquis of Bristol in the 1820s. The ferryman would allow guests to stay overnight and over time, it developed into an inn and started offering food and drink as well as accommodation.

As the years moved on, subsequent landlords utilised the building and its surroundings and found innovative ways to earn extra money. This included selling sand and shingle from the beach at Shotley to locals to use for building work, with a percentage going to the marquis. These days, the Bristol Arms is well known for its good food, friendly atmosphere and warm welcome.

Freshly prepared and locally sourced food is served at lunch time and in the evenings during the week, and all day at the weekends. The 'specials' chalk board is laden with mouthwatering dishes of fresh fish and seasonal dishes, which are all very popular choices and can disappear almost as quickly as they are chalked up.

This excellent gastro-pub also hosts some lively evenings at weekends with an Open Mic Night on the last Friday of the month, starting at 9pm.

For those who enjoy a pot of tea, cup of coffee, hot chocolate or an ice cream, along with homemade cakes and scones, do pop by the cafe next to the Bristol Arms. It's called Tea on the Quay and more information about their daily bakes can be found on their Facebook page

Bristol Arms, Bristol Hill, Shotley Gate, Suffolk IP9 1QP
T: 01473 787200

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