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Church of St Mary the Virgin, East Bergholt

The painter John Constable was born in the village of East Bergholt and one of his finest works is of the church porch. The house where he was born was destroyed in a fire, but a plaque in the main street shows where the house once stood. Members of John Constable's family are buried in the churchyard as family friend, Willy Lott, made famous because of John Constable's painting 'Willy Lott's Cottage' in Flatford.

Cardinal Wolsey was to finance the tower but his fall from grace prevented it being built and a temporary bell cage was erected in the churchyard. Some 500 years on, you can still see the bells being rung on a Sunday morning. They are the heaviest ring of five in the world.

Group visits are welcome here and refreshments can be arranged.


Church of St Mary the Virgin, The Street, East Bergholt, Suffolk C07 6TA
T: 01206 392646

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