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Linking Harwich, no rx sick Felixstowe and Shotley since 1912, decease this is a ferry fun way to cross the rivers! Perfect for cyclists, viagra 100mg ramblers, tourists and locals alike, the harbour ferry is a fun, interesting and functional way of getting from one county to another.

Foot ferry at Shotley Peninsula, Suffolk

There has been a ferry linking the Shotley Peninsula with Harwich for more than 100 years, and more recently it will also take passengers from the Essex port on to Felixstowe, and back to Shotley.

A newer, larger ferry has been added to the route by operator Christian Zemann, who loves the open water. The larger boat, which used to be a lifeboat for the SS Canberra, can take up to 55 passengers and will eventually take over from the smaller ferry.

Christian, a former water sports instructor, runs the ferry throughout the summer taking passengers from the Shotley Marina to Harwich Pier and then on to Landguard Fort in Felixstowe, and back again.

Foot ferry at Shotley Peninsula, Suffolk

From the giant cranes dominating the Felixstowe skyline, to the magnificent vista down the beautiful River Stour separating Essex and Suffolk and along the River Orwell towards Ipswich, the views are fabulous.

Added to that, the mesmerizing, slow moving shipping traffic, from record-breaking cargo ships and ferries, to spectacular sailing barges, yachts and small craft, makes the short 10-15 minute journeys a fascinating experience.

The ferry is an important link for the long-distance National Cycle Route 51 and visitors to Essex and Suffolk use it as a fun and interesting short cut, avoiding the lengthy road routes, while locals use it to enjoy trips to visit neighbouring areas across the rivers.

Bookings are advised for 10 or more passengers and the ferry runs on a daily basis from 1st May until the 30th of September, and from 1st to the 31st of October the Ferry operates every day when the weather is sunny.

Additionally, river trips/ sun downers are on offer starting from Felixstowe, Shotley, Harwich or anywhere on the River Orwell or River Stour. The ferry will also operate between 26th December and 1st January on sunny days. Outside of the main season, it is advisable to check the ferry is running, before you travel.

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