Hurray! The tourist information centre in Lavenham is now open every day for the rest of the season (until end of October).

Lavenham Tourist Information Centre, Suffolk The Ladies at the Lavenham TIC, Lavenham, Suffolk

We love it when this happens, because it means that spring is on its way, with all the delights that this entails: The promise of long, warm evenings; the invitation to wander through the village and wonder at the fine medieval houses; the temptations of a fresh loaf from the village bakery or a pound of Lavenham sausages from the village butcher and then there’s the delicious deliberation of where to have lunch….

Fine dining at The Great House, Lavenham, Suffolk The tourist attractions that have been in hibernation over the winter, will re-open their doors soon and Lavenham will have that pleasant, gentle buzz to it, with people visiting from far and wide.

We invite you to visit too and partake in the pleasures of the forthcoming Suffolk spring and summer in the wonderful, medieval village of Lavenham.

View from the church towards the Market Place, Lavenham

The TIC is open: 11am – 3pm daily until Monday 18th March and then 10am – 4.45pm daily until the end of October.

Contact details: Lavenham Tourist Information Centre, Lady Street, Lavenham CO10 9RA  T: 01787 248207 E:

The centre is filled to the brim with information on Lavenham and the rest of Suffolk too. There is a wonderful range of local produce, locally made crafts and of course, postcards, walks/cycle books and gifts. Make sure you make the TIC your first port of call on your arrival.

handmade crafts and produce at the Lavenham Tourist Information Centre handmade crafts and produce at the Lavenham Tourist Information Centre A range of gifts at the Lavenham TIC

There are guided walks leaving from the tourist information centre from 30th March: Saturdays at 2.30pm and Sundays at 11am. £4 for adults and children under 14 free

Lavenham Guided Walk

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Best wishes

The South & Heart of Suffolk Tourism Team

PS Please note, there won’t always be cake to welcome you to the TIC, as suggested in the photo at the top of this post, but there will always be a friendly smile!

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