Suffolk has over 400 medieval and historic churches, a rich heritage that stretches back over many centuries. Some of our wool towns have the most spectacular churches, which was a symbol of great wealth at the time. The best examples of these churches can be seen in Lavenham and Long Melford which have large, grand churches when you consider the size of village they are in. We also have smaller, secluded havens of peace in beautiful Suffolk countryside, such as the tiny St James’s Chapel near Kersey.

Many churches these days host events such as music recitals, concerts and flower festivals as well as regular church services and there are regular lunchtime music recitals in Long Melford Church, the Lavenham Sinfonia play in Lavenham Church and Mendlesham Summer Festival takes place in the village church in Mendlesham each year. The annual Fressingfield Music Festival also takes place in the parish church.

Have a browse through our list of churches in the Heart of Suffolk and step inside to discover some of the country’s most magnificent architectural treasures.

All are free to visit but donations are always welcome.

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